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una comunitá che viene

Posted on May 28, 2012 in News | 0 comments
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[…] The fact that must constitute the point of departure for any discourse on ethics is that there is no essence, no historical or spiritual vocation, no biological destiny that humans must enact or realize. This is the only reason why something like an ethics can exist, because it is clear that if humans were or had to be this or that substance, this or that destiny, no ethical experience would be possible-there would be only tasks to be done. […]

[…] Evil is only our inadequate reaction when faced with this demonic element, our fearful retreat from it in order to exercise-founding ourselves in this flight-some power of being. Impotence or the power to not -be is the root of evil only in this secondary sense. Fleeing from our own impotence, or rather trying to adopt it as a weapon, we construct the malevolent power that oppresses those who show us their weakness; and failing our innermost possibility of not-being, we fall away from the only thing that makes love possible. […]

Giorgio Agamben, from The Coming Community – La comunitá che viene, Torino 1990

beingnot-being, maybe with-being, in whatever contingency, potentiality and choice we would share with each other? Not any congregational call, no mission or manifestos, no fear of new terrorisms, anarchisms or perennial anger and distress; …just whatever real yes we can say to our own existence and its limitations so to become “a” coming community.




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