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vee @ vcc

Posted on Feb 1, 2011 in Audio | 0 comments
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Another great noisescape 

Vancouver Electronic Ensemble performing Language Noises 2 @ the Vancouver Community College Atrium, Broadway Campus • January 29, 2011

Parameters of sound expression are designated as discrete languages, used to structure improvisational spaces.

Segregated pods of electronics communicate over large distances through the interior of this four-story building, creating a surround environment. The physical attributes of the spacious atrium help to create a unique and interactive sound experience, breaking down barriers relating to conventional listening and performance practice. Photos by Steve Louie of Discorder Magazine here.


Giorgio Magnanensi

PrOphecy Sun

Constantine Katsiris

Dave Leith

Lee Hutzulak

Soressa Gardner

Andrew Short

Jeff Yellen

Daryn Cassie

Poib Fehr

Ross Birdwise

Don Klassen

Scott Gubbels

VEE performs Language Noise (MIX) [Download]





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