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VNM electronic panorama

Posted on Jan 13, 2013 in Remix | 0 comments
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To celebrate Vancouver New Music’s 40th anniversary here is the first electronic panorama including excerpts donated by artists who performed at the VNM Festival bewteen 2003 and 2012 and members of the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble (VEE).

Thank you all for sending your sonic gifts!


VNM Electronic Panorama

VNM electronic panorama [Download]

Music by:

Magali Babin (CA) Tuning The Tuna • electronics

Uri Caine, Ralph Alessi and Ben Perowsky (US) Improvisation • piano, trumpet & drums

Nicolas Collins (US) For Elizabeth • electronics (trumpet Jonathan Impett)

Amelia Cuni (Italy) and Werner Durand (Germany) Morning Surge • voice & electronics

Tzenka Dianova (CA) DeConstruction • unpreparing piano & tape

Robin Fox (AUS) Dream Lucid • electronics

Lori Freedman (CA) Firth of Forth • bass clarinet

Bill Frisell (US) Strange Meeting *electric guitar

Fred Frith (US) Solo • electric guitar

Gordon Grdina (CA) The Monk • guitar

Viviane Houle (CA) Moved By A Sigh • voice & electronics

Aiyun Huang (CA) Rogosanti (by James Wood) • percussion

Kuniko Kato (Japan) Improvisation • percussion & electronics

Garth Knox (UK) Viola Spaces • viola

Francisco Lopez (Spain) Untitled #275 • prepared piano & electronics (piano Reinier van Houdt)

Koichi Makigami (Japan) Solo • voice

John Oswald (CA) Vertical Time • electronics

Matt Rogalsky (CA) Diatonic Guitars • electric guitars installation

Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (UK) Wherewithall • electronics **

Janek Schaefer (UK) Voccal • electronics

Stefan Smulovitz (CA) Slow Burning Viola • viola & electronics

John Tilbury (UK) Improvisation • prepared piano

Walter Zanetti (Italy) Improvisation • guitar

*) Friz-Tone Music BMI, 2013, Recorded and mixed by Nelson Barnard

**) Chester Music Publishing, 2012


VEE Electronic Panorama

vee electronic panorama [Download]

Music by:

Victor Ballesteros

Ross Birdwise

Frederick Brummer

Daryn Cassie

Soressa Gardner

Emma Hendrix

Lee Hutzulak

Janine Island

Constantine Katsiris

Dan Potter

prOphecy sun


…and here is the VNM Electronic Panorama in 30 seconds ; )

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