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Wen Wei Dance

Posted on Oct 31, 2010 in Video | 0 comments
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“The ideas for my new work are somewhat a reflection of my own experiences as a student at my dance school in China. I was one of five boys who shared a small room for more than five years. Sometimes we liked each other and at other times we did not, and at other times we liked some of the boys but not the others. We were at the age when we became concerned about sexuality without having had any advice from our parents or any of our elders. We were not allowed to have girlfriends, so we only thought of them in our dreams and imaginations. As we were all far away from home, we talked a lot about our mothers. These memories contribute subconsciously to my scenario for the proposed new work.” – Wen Wei Wang

The Dance Current



choreography by Wen Wei Wang • original music by Giorgio Magnanensi

 lighting James Proudfoot • costumes Kate Burrows

 stage sets James Proudfoot and Wen Wei Wang

 with Scott Augustine, Alison Denham, Edmond Kilpatrick, Josh Martin, David Raymond

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