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Young Saint Marie

Posted on Nov 24, 2010 in News | 0 comments
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YSM is out

Check Veda Hille‘s site for more information.

I love these songs and recordings very much.

A sample from Buffy Remix here, a sample from Neil Remix here


An excerpt from Carl Wislon text about the record:

[…] A kindred breeze seems to waft through Magnanensi’s arrangements, which rather than accent or illustrate seem to turn about the spines of the songs like Calder mobiles. His style disperses the ego-command model of western composition into an assemblage without centre or maybe with a myriad of them, evolving in relationship rather than static form. As in the lyrics of the final Sainte-Marie song here, Magnanensi’s little musical wheels spin and spin, and turn big wheels around. […]



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